The Boy who Laughs at Rain - Title sequence
Personal Project
2D Animation / 1920*1080 / 1’06’’ / 2022
Role: Direction / Design / Animation
Music: “Maud and Sunny”, song by AFRICAN COWBOY (Panashe Mugadza)
The Boy who Laughs at Rain is a film byPeterson Muldoon, Malia Carroll, Travis Scott, Janelle Thang, Cydnee R. Schoolfield, Mary Anna Podlesak, Tengmiao Yu, JR Rodriguiz, Jimmy Huang, Evie Shih, Carter Merle, Georgio Haber, Audrey Rickman, Daria Butko, Camilla Scalzetti, Natalie Mortell, Ana Belen Lozan, HyunWoo Kim, Lisa Shmaraeva, Elijah McWilliams, Zeina H Chaudhry and Ian Wallace.
- Concept -
The Boy who Laughs at Rain is about a boy named Sunny who really like rainy days, and can’t stop laughing at rain. However, his roommate Maud hate rainy days. One day, Sunny kept laughing out loud, when it rained heavily outside. Suddenly, the frequency of his laughter shattered their home….
This is a main-on-end title sequence. The concept of this title sequence is Sunny’s Diary. It shows the interaction between Sunny and Maud, and some behind the scenes stories of them
- Storyboards -
- Original Styleframes -
- Process -

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