Dallergut’s Dream Department Store_Title Sequence
Personal Project
Title Sequence​​​​​​​ / 1920*1080 / 0’54’’ / 2022
Role: Direction / Design / Animation
This title sequence is made for a fantasy novel called Dallergut’s Dream Department Store by Mi Ye Lee.
Dallergut’s Dream Department Store is a place in Dream town that sells dreams to people and animals. Customers come to Dallergut’s dream department store to buy dreams while they fall asleep, and pay by their emotions after their dream. The story is about how Penny, a new employee of Dallergut’s dream department, Dallergut, the owner, and other employees deal with different situations that happened to their customers.
The concept of this title sequence is to visualize the description of each floor feature in the department store in the novel. For example, the first floor’s eye scales show whether the guest wants to fall asleep and come to the store, the neat decoration on the second floor, the messy clearances cart on the fifth floor, etc.

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