Personal Project
1920*1080 / 1’26’’ / 2023
Role: Direction / Design / Animation
Music and Sound Design by Sarah Suhhyun Kwon
- Concept -
“From a long shot, every collision leads to your beautiful life”

From the moment we were born, our education and experiences give us the ability to dream. We have expectations and goals for if life.
However, as we become aware of the world's cruelty, doubt and disappointment set in, and darkness takes over. Yet, after each period of darkness, our past experiences become a source of strength. The ups and downs of emotions teach us that current sadness may contribute to future happiness. 
Life is like the fireworks in the sky, where collisions lead to beautiful displays. Although the collision makes us struggle and painful, time will wash away sadness and bring blooming moments in the sky. 
- Storyboards -
- Styleframes -

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