PSA - Formosa County Beauty
Personal Project
Kinetic Typography / 1080*1080 / 0’59’’ / 2022
Role: Direction / Design / Animation / Script / Voice Over
This project is a public service announcement I made for Formosa County Beauty (寶島淨鄉團).
Formosa County Beauty is an environmental non-profit organization in Taiwan, founded in 2012. With enthusiasm and creativity, they start from themselves and call on the public to take action to care about the environment. They hold beach clean-up and second-hand makeup markets and continuously and gradually deepened the concepts of environmental protection into people‘s minds.

Since the pandemic gradually stabilized in 2022, they began to hold beach clean-up again! The concept of this project is to talk about the benefits of beach clean-up with the story of a plastic bottle named Petra. Hope that more people can notice the problem of marine garbage and participate in the beach clean-up together.

Formosa County Beauty website
Music Credit List
Folk Physics <Chester Bea Arthur> <Fragile Moon
Facebook Sound Design <Ocean Waves 02>
Symphonic Planet <The Give>
Ross Lara <The Hunter's Heart>

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