Dear all 2022 summer nights
Personal Project
3D Animation​​​​​​​ / 1920*1080 / 0’38’’ / 2022
Role: Direction / Design / Animation
The rotation of the washer has the power to gently comfort those who feel powerless.
Sometimes, I'm in deep and don't want to do anything, but it is often not allowed. Then, I’ll start with something that only needs mechanical movements, which can let my brain take a rest. At the same time, recover the sense of mental stability through deterministic repetition. 
Also, watching the washing machine rotate can achieve a similar goal. The mechanical rotation of the washing machine and the vibration sound of fixed frequency will make people less stressed so that they can slowly calm down. Finally, I can lead myself to walk through it.

Mood Board
Animation Test
Music Credit List
Title: Blue Note Tokyo
Artist: Ross Lara
Title: Pan's Mirror
Artist: Paul Fowler
Title: Cave Ambience Loop 01 , Liquid Drip 01
Artist: Facebook Sound Design

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